Svitlana Godyach was the first model shot for this project.




Portraits of strong woman shot early in the morning.

No pay, no make-up, no fashion posing, no dress.

No control over own image.

The city was waiting to be populated by strong woman.

Shooting Milano early in the morning is exciting.

No sound, no crowded streets.Just waiting for the sun to come up.

And , after shooting, a good cappuccino.

I didn't know the models I invited for shooting.

I just proposed them to shoot by mail.

Some of them said yes.

Some of them said no.

Willing to Join shootings?

Wanna be a model for this project?

Wherever you are in Europe drop me a e-mail.

Urban Nude Portraits

When I started shooting models I experienced the conciousness that any of us has on self image.

Anybody is willing to be portraied at the best.

 But, the endless judgment upon our own image create tention.

Avoiding judgment is needed to be what we are.Freely.

Accepting our good and "wrong" points.

Models average  attitude while posing is to control their image.

I wanted to break their certainties to bring them where they have less control upon their image.

That is why I started to invite models to 

pose in very harsh conditions.

1) Nude

2) In city streets

3) shooting time very early or very late

4) No makeup artist

5) No payment at all

6) No fashion attitudes while posing

Bare nudes, harmless, defensless, exposed to the judgment of the city.

I wanted the city to be the more appropriate background for photos.

The city , the weaker part as I take it,  judges the ones, the models who have the strenght and courage to expose theirself for what they are.

Without protection.

They are stronger.

All models invited didn't now me before.

They have been contacted via social networks and invited to pose.

I feel an immense gratitude for those models that accepted my invitations.

And in the same time I feel the responsability for having asked them to push back their fears.

Having a portrait session is always a matter of trust between model and photographer.

The trust they gave me its the bigger gift they could give me.

Thank you Lana,Alexa,Junecorp and to next models to be photographed.

This project is still in progress.

If you are willing to join shooting,i will be happy to portray you.

Just drop me a line.

No matter if you are beautiful or whatever.

Beauty is in the courage to expose oneself, harmless.

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